Trapping In The BX CH1

Trapping In The Bx
The waiting game

Our friend @devoted_feeders needed help trapping a few trap-shy cats from one of her colonies, so we went with her on a cloudy Sunday afternoon to try and grab the scamps. We employed the drop trap and managed to snag her boy Raymond. We also accidentally snagged Hamlet who is already spayed. She wasn’t thrilled by the error but wasted no time leaving the area once she was released.
Trapping In The Bx
The trap and Hamlet on the wall

Raymond will make the trip to the Queens facility of the ASPCA in a few days and be back in his old stomping grounds by next weekend.
Trapping In The Bx - Raymond

The other crafty candidate is a female. She seems determined to not go into or under any traps at all and we are determined to keep trying until we get her. She has had several litters already and we want the last one to be the last one.

Stay tuned.

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