The Barn Cats

The Barn Cats Their rags to riches story began with a phone call about a group of unwanted cats in this dirty basement of a store in The Bronx. We visited, evaluated the situation and came with a plan to rescue them over the course of several weekends. There were four adults and a Kitten we named Bo. Bo was the first capture. He was 4 months old and vetted via the ASPCA. He was Read more…


The Colony On The Hill

On The Hill Despite our best TNR efforts new cats and kittens keep popping up here. This is our next TNR project. Bobbi came out of this colony and there are three or four other kittens his age still there. They are not as friendly as he is so we will probably put them back. The big yellow male also needs to be fixed. He is extremely trap shy though, it’s drop trap or nothing Read more…

Feeding Time On The Hill

Trapping In The BX CH1

The waiting game Our friend @devoted_feeders needed help trapping a few trap-shy cats from one of her colonies, so we went with her on a cloudy Sunday afternoon to try and grab the scamps. We employed the drop trap and managed to snag her boy Raymond. We also accidentally snagged Hamlet who is already spayed. She wasn’t thrilled by the error but wasted no time leaving the area once she was released. The trap and Read more…

black cats

Alice In The BX

A Black Cat’s Bronx Tale Alice is 2 years old and was living happily in the backyard of a home uptown in The Bronx not far from the Cross Bronx Expressway. Earlier this year she gave birth to a litter of seven, five black and two black and white kittens. The homeowner who had been feeding them decided he longer wanted them in the yard, so we were called in to get them out. Over Read more…