The Barn Cats

The Barn Cats

Their rags to riches story began with a phone call about a group of unwanted cats in this dirty basement of a store in The Bronx.
store basement

We visited, evaluated the situation and came with a plan to rescue them over the course of several weekends. There were four adults and a Kitten we named Bo. Bo was the first capture. He was 4 months old and vetted via the ASPCA. He was also the first one to find a new home.

Rikki the mom was next. She was about two and a half years old and also vetted via the ASPCA.

The remaining three, Rocky the father (2 yr old), Negra (1 year old female) and BG (18 month male) were trapped over the course of two weekends and vetted at The Humane Society Of New York

While looking into possible individual homes for these adult cats we found out about a situation at a horse farm on Long Island. The owner was looking for a couple of cats to double as barn cats and companions for the cat she had. She graciously agreed to take the entire family and and we were happy to transport all four of them them to their new home.

 The barn CatsFirst Look at the new digs.

Exploring their new homeSniffing out the new crib

The Barn CatsRikki & Rocky – relaxing at home

Barn Cats
The good life at the end of a long road


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