Saving Chris

That is Chris all relaxed and contented after his evening facial. Rescued from a backyard in the Bronx Chris has a bad eye and will be vetted tomorrow. There are five cats in that colony and the feeder/homeowner wants to keep them, so we will just TNR them all, get little Chris taken care of and then return them to their yard. There is plenty of good shelter and they are fed daily.

We will be posting Chris updates right here.

Update 10-30-2018

Chris on his way to the ASPCA
On his way to the ASPCA.ASCPA

Turns out he also has an upper respiratory infection so he will be on meds for the next week or two. We won’t take him back to his home in the yard until he is fully vetted and totally healthy.

Update 11-01-2018

Chris is in fine form today. He is getting his twice daily dose of Clavamox and he was frisky enough to get in a little run around the apartment today. His eye is also clearing up nicely (exhibit A below) and he is getting some love on Instagram.

Update 11-04-2018

Chris continues to improve rapidly. His eye is almost normal and he no longer wants to be in his cage so he is out and running around with the other house cats. Here he is checking out the PC and the books and posing for an Instagram photo..
ChrisPhoto Op

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