Alice In The BX

A Black Cat’s Bronx Tale


Alice is 2 years old and was living happily in the backyard of a home uptown in The Bronx not far from the Cross Bronx Expressway. Earlier this year she gave birth to a litter of seven, five black and two black and white kittens.
The homeowner who had been feeding them decided he longer wanted them in the yard, so we were called in to get them out.

Over the course of two weeks we made several trips and managed to get them all. Mookie was the final holdout, eventually surrendering to a rumbling tummy and the enticing aroma of fresh from the can sardines.

We also managed to trap and TNR two feral males who were frequenting the yard. One of them (Grey and White) was rumored to be Alice’s “boyfriend” and possibly the kittens father. He didn’t admit to anything and we decided not to ask. The other one (pictured below) nicknamed Catzilla aka Mr. Vicious was hands-down the meanest cat we have ever met. He practically rendered the trap useless, fortunately in the process he only suffered a bruised nose. The angriest dog in New York whoever that may be has nothing on Catzilla. We were happy to get him to the ASPCA asap and happy to see him leave.
Catzilla aka Mr Vicious
Catzilla aka Mr Vicious

The gang by name are Alice, Fluffy, Ace, Lilly, Mookie, Didi, Daisy and Delilah.
We’ve found permanent homes for five of the kittens and Alice. Daisy and Delilah are still available for adoption. Thanks to one of our amazing volunteers Alice found a family willing take her and Lilly. Semi-feral and aggressive when we got her, the adopted family did a fantastic job of socializing her. They are now treasured members of a loving family in Queens.

Alice And The Gang In Pictures

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